Climatherm Energy 2015. Metropolitan Expo!

From 1st to 4th of October at Metropolitan Expo, International Exhibition Center, located in Athens

With a continuous 25 year presence in organizing the leading trade show for the neuralgic energy sector, Climatherm Energy, committed to revising and improving its standards and services, makes a critical shift in the period selection for the upcoming organization, placing Climatherm Energy 2015 in the beginning of October, ( 1st – 4th of October 2015)

This period is not new to Climatherm. Initially, when it was still an annual event, the exhibition was organized in October, as our most loyal customers will remember. As the market evolved, Climatherm changed its organizing period to March and its frequency every (2) years. At present, market conditions push toward October once again.

Climatherm – Energy aims at representing the sector, its size, diversity and capacity at its best, as the latter is shaped by economy dynamics. So, the main objective is to showcase all categories that constitute the sector by means of best presenting the products and services offered, at the correct dates, forming the conditions for attracting quality business visitors and for contracting high level professional relations.

Climatherm Energy’s contribution to helping to shape dynamic collaborations and set the grounds for essential public relations is not new to those who know the exhibition’s process and its evolution. By providing a privileged space for meetings and its state of the art organization, Climatherm – Energy has a proven record of success and offers multiple benefits for its exhibitors.

The decision to shift to the “New Era” was reached as a result of research conducted to industry’s companies and aggregated an 80% consensus.

The arguments in favor of this decision were many:

Fall is traditionally a season of rearrangement of forces, action planning, and preparation for new investments and collaborations.

The big exhibitions abroad have preceded, and many collaborators prepare the new products and services that will present the next year.

The “Heating” market, which in the last few years attracts the intense interest of professionals, but also of final consumers, shows that the decisions are being made (2) months before the season starts, and not (1) year that it used to.

Tradesmen do not stock their products anymore, due to the crisis in the construction industry.

At this point we would like to thank those participated in the research and enriched our concern with fruitful suggestions.

We would also like to inform our customers and partners, that Climatherm Energy will continue to take place every (2) years, as it has been established, and the following organization will be carried out in October 2017.

Very soon, we will also have in the disposal of those interested, the “Floor Plans”, in order to choose the preferred stand, always with order of priority 2014 exhibitors.