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Pocket Air Filters

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Environmentally safe, galvanized or aluminium frame, laser cutting, ultrasonic welded. The laser cutting method guarantees accuracy, clarity and absence of fiber leakage. Tested according to EN 779:2012


  • Particle and molecular filtration for office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Airports
  • Medical facilties
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers

Codes and Sizes:

Width Height Depth Bags Area m² Filter Class
 287-490-592-892 892-592-490-287 150-360-500-535-600-635 3-12 0,26-13,59 G3-G4 M5-M6 F7-F8-F9

        FP38GNE141, FP25GME082, FP25GOF082, FP30GNH216, FP30GNH216, FP36GHK528, FP36GKI290, FP36GME141, FP36GMH158, FP38GNE141,  FP40GHH373