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Story About Us!

Filtrex serves the field of filter production since 1985 while remaining faithful to technological development in order to ensure the quality of the products and the reliability of the brand name. Our clientele varies from industrial application (such as air-purification, air-transportation and decontamination), to every air-conditioned space (airports, hotels, cruise ships, convention centers), to ships (decontamination, oil separation) to body shops (car, furniture, electrostatic paint, sandblasting).



Filtrex was founded in 1985 aiming to meet the needs in the field of filtering. The company is dedicated to the quality and the establishment of a brand name.


Our laser cutting system

Utilizing the significant technological knowledge that has been gained due to long- term cooperation with leading firms in the filter field and the latest technological equipment in cutting (laser) and soldering (ultrasonic), the company can provide solutions in the complex venture of filtering, indicating the most suitable material to retain the particles in the desirable speed.

The company is capable of satisfying the most specific demands, covering a full range of needs both in variety and quality, so that the brand name Filtrex has become identical to responsibility and effectiveness.

Enviromentally friendly

Our pledge is to work in conjunction with other socially aware companies to promote awareness for renewable, recycled, sustainable or organic materials. We’ve started by using the latest technology to create green and environmentally friendly filters that help to reduce waste, recycle finite resources, and provide a valuable service to our consumers.


Filter’s Application Areas


  • Industry
  • Air – Conditioning
  • Food & Labs
  • Machines, Vehicles & Ships
  • Dyeworks
  • Household
  • Medical Area



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